What does a Background Check include?

Start here and now and get the info you need. Do not wait any longer and you can find out if your individual has been arrested and/or convicted of a crime. You can determine the current whereabouts of the person and learn about any assets he or she may have. Your online background check starts here and can include this and much more.

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There are many valid reasons why someone may want to do an online background search. You absolutely need to know all you can about who you hire or conduct business with, who you associate with and who you live with. Background information, personal histories if you will, can be obtained from the comfort of your home at very reasonable prices. There should be no initial set up fees to get started or any ongoing monthly charges for an online background query.


Background Investigations or Searches, also known as background checks can be performed online and valuable information is provided to you almost immediately at a very minimal cost. You do not need a private investigator to do this. You may want to learn facts or verify information about a potential employee/applicant that you are wanting to hire. You may be wanting to gather facts or verify information about a prospective tenant that you are thinking about renting to. Perhaps, you need to know if a babysitter or housekeeper can be trusted. Have they provided you with factual and truthful information? After all, what could be more valuable than your children and your home? Then again, you may have questions about a new friend or lover. The list goes on and on. Information provided will be very informative and discreet looking into the past of all of these individuals. Our computer databases query in excess of a billion records, giving you a detailed and accurate report. Learning about an individual's past criminal misconduct, driving history, bankruptcies, judgements and/or liens can be useful. Verifying someone’s most current address, knowing about past addresses, and reviewing an in-depth profile of property ownership and other assets linked to the person may be what you are looking for. Personal identifiers and lists of an individual’s possible relatives that includes, but is not limited to, spouses (present and past) can be provided. Does the person have any dependent children? A background check may, in some cases, include a consumer credit analysis as well. An online background check can be basic and brief, lengthy and very comprehensive, or anywhere in the middle. 


Relationships – Individuals are now paying closer and closer attention before making serious lifelong commitments. In days past, we would find a potential mate and make a commitment. Simple as that! In today’s society everyone wants to know that their dates, fiancée’s, husbands/wives and partners are who they think they are. That they are reliable, honest and trustworthy! As a result, more of them are doing thorough checks – just to be sure. An online background search can be the answer.

Hiring baby sitters and/or care givers – Every day baby sitters go into homes to watch our most valuable assets, our children. Many people are also hiring in-home care givers for their elderly parents or relatives in need of constant care. Sometimes the baby sitter or the individual selected is not who we really thought they were. A simple, but thorough check can be the answer.

New Hires/Employee’s – Background checks are more and more often initiated by employers on potential applicants, especially on those candidates seeking a position that requires a position of trust such as in a financial institution. Banks, credit unions and mortgage brokers need to know who they are hiring. Schools need to know all they can about new teachers and staff. Hospitals and nursing homes have a great deal at stake. Today, a complete check can be administered online by private companies who are in the business of doing fast, simple and reasonably priced backgrounds. Results of a background check done by a private company can typically include past employment verification, criminal history and credit history. These searches are frequently utilized by companies in a way that they can fairly evaluate a job candidate's qualifications and character. These background checks can certainly detect any real hiring risks. Authentication and corroboration of information found on an employment resume is something we must do. All employers have an obligation to make sure their work environment is safe for all employees and to minimize the risk for having other employment problems in the workplace. An online background check can be the answer.

Purchasing an Existing Business – It would be a great idea to consider looking into the background of the person or persons selling the business before you enter into any contract. Has the business been profitable? Why is it being sold? Common sense should dictate that we know this. Let us exercise a little due diligence here. An online background check can be the answer.

Investing - How many times have you read about or listened to a news report that someone had been scammed, that the individual had made very substantial investments with a stranger and was now sorry for it. The investment broker was said to have had a very good reputation.  Just to find out that none of this was true and now we are looking at a huge financial loss. Don’t let this happen to you. Have a little peace of mind by doing a little due diligence to find out if there are any issues that you need to be aware. An online background check can be the answer.

Court Proceedings – Attorney’s often request and use background checks to assist them in connection with various types of court proceedings. Information obtained is often used to refute or verify someone’s testimony. The information can also be used to show a person’s credibility or lack of credibility.

Personal Identity Theft – Be aware that there may be con artists out there posing as someone else trying to obtain your personal history information so that they can abscond with your personal identity and eventually your money. If anyone wants to conduct any sort of background check on you, be absolutely positive that you are comfortable with this before providing any sort of information.  Ask for their name and company affiliation.  Get them to tell you the reason for the background investigation. Then you may want to conduct your own search.